Hi Guys,
This is a space for us all to use to upload our documents and provide short summaries. It would be a good way for you to keep track of our sources for the annotated bibliography. We can also leave messages for each other.

Problem Definition

Relevant Historical Background

Demographic Information

Values, Ideological and civil and human rights dilemnas

Resource-related dliemnas

Up to date information

Specific Recommendations

3/18/11-Ashley, I'm including my most recent PowerPoint and outline (10:00 p.m.)

3/14/: hi all,
here's an edited version of my outline, i'll keep adding/editing for the slides. WH
This is just a rough draft of my outline and powerpoint

added 3/18.
Wendy's outline (+ unsorted material), added 3/18.
Jessica's FINAL PowerPoint, added 3/21 - Good to go for insertion into group presentation.
Jessica's Outline, added 3/18 - Good to go for insertion into group outline.

ALSO, WENDY: See this feedback from Denise in terms of the "formal" way to do an outline - "By the way, technically, you can do an outline as I, II, III, A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, a, b, c. I would not grade down for what you did, but I thought you might like to know the formal format."
Also, everyone's name needs to be next to the sections that they have completed. If you need an example of an outline like Denise has suggested, I have it already set up in my outline, I also just reread the assignment and we all need to be part of presenting the problem during the presentation (we can talk about this on Sunday, we probably want all of our names next to this section to show we did it together)-Ashley

3/18 Blaynes Powerpoint

3/19 Final Outline-All set to go Wendy. I revamped my section. It is a little long....tell me what you think.

3/19 Final Powerpoint for Wendy

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Hey everyone! Our slide show is long! We might have to cut Tell me what you think.

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