Current Funding cuts w/Planned Parenthood-

Plan B not being stocked at pharmacies.

Day cares at Highschools.- who has them, who doesn't?
Ashley- interview?

Effective "technologies"- lack of research that proves what type of education is most effective to prevent teen pregnancy.

(3/11) Science & Success—Programs That Work to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections in the United States

This 2008 publication highlights 26 U.S.-based programs that have been proven effective at delaying sexual initiation or reducing sexual risk taking among teens. 14 of the 26 programs demonstrated a statistically significant delay in the timing of first sex. 14 programs helped sexually active youth to increase condom use and nine programs demonstrated success at increasing use of other contraception. 13 programs showed reductions in the number of sex partners and/or increased monogamy. Seven programs assisted sexually active youth to reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse, and 10 programs helped sexually active youth to reduce the incidence of unprotected sex.
file of Mathematica research regarding 4 federally funded Abstinence education programs. Results suggest that programs not particularly effective..

how research is measures? like focus on science-based, experimental or quasi-experimental research designs. Is that the best way to measure success? Consider programs that provide mentoring or opportunities for continued discussion outside "class-room" setting...