Everyone can add their ideas about what the problem definition should be. Make sure to include your name next to your ideas so that we can give credit where it is due.

Ashley- I think that our problem definition should have something to do with policies in high schools for instance whether they can provide birth control, providing day care, or the type of sex education that students are receiving. As well as I think we should look at policies regarding where teens under 18 can get birth control and how that works. I think that under 18 you need to have parents permission to get birth control. I know we can wither include this as the problem or part of the sub problem, what does everyone else think?

(2/27) As we discussed the other night, we want to go more in the direction of looking pregnancy prevention. To look at education and programing for adolescents in schools, am I on the right path?

(3/8) Hi this is Jessica. :-) Below is what I have so far on the Problem Definition portion of our outline. Please let me know what you think! Any and all feedback is appreciated.

This might help: It talks about the risk that pregnant teen mom face.

Here is more info that might help us clearly define our problem.


3/13: issue of access to resources, ie. abortion and being under 18; varying state policies